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While we await the completion of the GotSoccer score reporting system to be activated, game results need to be reported to League Manager TJ Rostin –

The winning team must report the score to TJ (in the event of a draw, the home team must report).

The result should be emailed in the following format;

Winning Team Name & score (or home team & score for a draw)
Losing Team name & score (or away team & score for a draw)

Any referee issues should be immediately reported to 843-813-3058

Score Reporting

It is the HOME team’s responsibility to call the scores in each week.

CPL scores for the Fall 2020 Season – please follow these directions to make sure all scores are accurately reported.

CPL games played on Friday, Saturday or Sunday – Scores need to be entered by 10:00 am each Monday morning.

CPL games played on an evening Monday-Thursday – Scores need to be entered within 24 hours of the game

Phone Number: 904-758-0875

Event ID 80702
4-Digit PIN 2020

On line:

Call in:

1. After the game has finished – please call 904-758-0875

2. Press to enter CPL scores when prompted

3. CPL Games enter your Event I.D. :
80702 then press #

4. Then enter your EVENT PIN number 2020 then press #

5. Enter the game number and press #

6. You will be prompted to enter either:

  • Number 1 to update score
  • Number 2 to update yellow cards
  • Number 3 to update red cards


7. Press number 1

8. You will be prompted to enter the HOME SCORE then press #

9. You will be prompted to enter the AWAY SCORE then press #

10. To save you press number 1 or to cancel press number 2

11. You can enter another CPL score for another game by pressing number 2.

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